Tact Training Courses

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) & TCI Families Training of Trainers (TxT) Programs

The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention program (TCI) presents a trauma-informed crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach staff how to help children & young people learn constructive ways to handle crisis and regulate stressful feelings of hurt, failure, frustration and anger.  

TCI is primarily intended for those who care for children and young people living in out-of-home-care, school settings and foster care families.

This intensive five-day TCIF train-the-trainer certification course provides agency trainers with the tools to teach crisis prevention strategies and crisis intervention techniques to adults who care for children in their homes. Trainers are prepared to coach learners during skill practice sessions, to use role playing, to facilitate small group discussions, and to handle resistance to training.
  • Clock 5 Days
  • location pin Offered Nationally

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Update

The Team at TACT facilitates updates for those who have successfully completed the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Train-the-Trainer program.

This update is a program for current TCI certified trainers to maintain accreditation in delivering the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) curriculum, and must successfully be completed by a TCI Trainer every two years.
  • Clock 2 Days
  • location pin Offered Nationally

The Three Pillars of Transforming Care™️

Three Pillars of Transforming Care registrations and enquiries are to be discussed directly with the Therapeutic Welfare Interventions. To Register for the Three Pillars Course, Please go to
http://www.twi.org.au/ and download the registration form
  • Clock 3 Days
  • location pin Offered Nationally.

The PersonBrain Model™

The PersonBrain Model™ is a powerful, trauma informed strength-based training that provides essential positive behavior support skills within a NeuroRelational Model. The NeuroRelational care approach is grounded in research and incorporates the best of practical brain-based concepts,trauma theories, relational practices, ecological psychology and culturally-responsive interventions to help transform challenging behaviors. Given its multi-theoretical design, The PersonBrain Model™ is compatible with a wide variety of training's your organization might already incorporate, helping to blend general practice into one, coherent model.
  • Clock One or Two Day offered
  • location pin Offered Internationally

TCI Trainers Webinar: Facilitating Virtual Refreshers: Emotional Competence

This webinar is for TCI Trainers and will focus on assisting TCI trainers deliver refreshers virtually.
This session will focus on emotional competence.
  • Clock 90 minutes
  • location pin Offered Virtually

The Minded Brain™

The Minded Brain™ is a brain-based social emotional curriculum and is part of the family of The PersonBrain™ trainings.
The Minded Brain training is a one-day training that provides specific behavioral support strategies and a social-emotional curriculum that integrates the NeuroRelational Model into the learning environment and instructional design.
Training will consist of direct presentation, participant interaction
Participants will leave with steps to guide them in creating their own Minded Brain lesson.
  • Clock 1 Day
  • location pin Offered Internationally