Teaching is more than academic instruction! As an educator you face a diverse group of students with a variety of experiences each day. Over the past three decades, scientists have reported that through experiences the brain is changeable and it benefits from continuous enrichment to help it feel safe, significant, respected and related. From the moment we are born, experiences play a central role in shaping the structure of our brain and, ultimately, who we become and how we interact within our various environments.

As educators many of our students lack the social and emotional skills they need to learn and grow, or they possess them but require ongoing reinforcement to reach their full potential. Numerous research reports show that social and emotional learning can have a positive impact on students' academic performance.

The Minded Brain™ is a brain-based social emotional curriculum and is part of the family of The PersonBrain™ trainings. The Minded Brain™ training is designed to provide educators with the necessary tools to create opportunities in the classroom as well as as opportunities for experiential learning out in the community surrounding the school that integrate academic concepts while promoting the development of social and emotional awareness and provide experiences that support NeuroRelational reimbursements.

  • The Minded Brain training is a one-day training that provides specific behavioral support strategies and a social-emotional curriculum that integrates the NeuroRelational Model into the learning environment and instructional design.
  • Training will consist of direct presentation, participant interaction
  • Participants will leave with steps to guide them in creating their own Minded Brain lesson.

  • Clock Duration: 1 Day
  • location pin Availability: Offered Internationally