About the Three Pillars course


The Three Pillars of Transforming Care course is based on research evidence, current clinical perspectives and years of direct experience with children and young people with complex needs and challenging behaviours. Topic areas covered include:


The fundamentals of trauma theory including types of trauma, arousal and stress mechanisms, the impact on brain development, the role of memory and dissociation.

Research on the behavioural and emotional difficulties that may affect young people who have been exposed to the various types of trauma

The Three Pillars of transformation which are based on the three primary traumagenic needs - the need to FEEL SAFE; the need for positive, trust-based CONNECTIONS with caring adults and engagement with the broader community; and the need for support to enable adaptive COPING with external life circumstances as well as turbulent thoughts, emotions and impulses.

An exploration of key ‘everyday’ skills for addressing the three core traumagenic needs.


Instructional methods include brief presentations, videos, worksheets, group discussions and a small number of role plays.

Content of the course


Part 1: Understanding Trauma

The case for focusing on early adversity 

Defining trauma 

The brain and its development 

Brain functioning and integration 

The stress response and trauma 

Traumatic stress and memory 

The first Pillar – Safety

The importance of safety

Creating safety

Pain and pain-based behaviours

Why we resort to pain-based behaviours

Part 2: Transforming Trauma

The impact of severe adversity and trauma on development

Trauma shame and loss

Re-enactment – replaying the past

The second Pillar – Connections

Attachment – the template for connecting for healing 

Connecting for healing and growth 

Five everyday ways of promoting connection 

The third Pillar – Coping


Coping with traumatic stress

The place of words in learning to cope

Calming and coping together

  • Clock Duration: 3 Days
  • location pin Availability: Offered Nationally