Kim Guilfoyle


Kim supports all operations at TACT training managing all initial enquiries both internal and external and coordinating all aspects of scheduled training. Kim will typically be the first person you speak to when contacting TACT. Kim is more than helpful and is driven to ensure your experience is exceptional from enquiry to the completion of your training.

Kim began working as a direct care worker in in 2002 gaining experience in both refuge settings and residential care and enjoyed the variety and challenges of the work before taking time off to start a family of her own.

Since then Kim has worked in various roles in the out of home sector with a focus on systems and processes to ensure operations run smoothly. Joining the TACT team in its initial stages, Kim understands each individual’s training journey is different and strives to meet the needs of each person.

Kim has experience in direct care work, team management, finance operations and administration. Outside of these roles Kim is involved with fundraising for various areas of interest including domestic violence and mental health awareness.

Ben Jones

TCI - Instructor

Ben is an integral part of the team at TACT. Ben is a Training and Development Coordinator with a passion and commitment for supporting youth, families, staff and carers.

Ben has vast experience supporting a diverse range of needs. Ben has worked in a variety of roles in the out-of-home-care sector including, direct residential care work, disability work, case work and case management.

Further to his work in out-of-home-care, Ben was involved in the development and implementation of the early intervention program Youth Hope. The Youth Hope program works with families and at risk youths in the community by ensuring sustainable wraparound supports, allowing children and young people to remain safely in the family home and prevent entering the out-of-home care system.

In 2015, Ben focused on his passion for supporting staff taking up a training and development role. Ben facilitates a number of trainings including Foster Care training, the Diploma in Community Services, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Ben’s primary focus is supporting staff and carers with behaviour support and self-awareness.

Ben’s TCI Journey commenced in 2011 during his role as a direct care worker. Shortly after this, Ben became a qualified TCI trainer. Ben is a dynamic trainer who uses his experience across a number of roles to deliver a relatable TCI training experience.

Ben has qualifications in training and assessment, community services, business administration and project management. Outside of these roles, Ben is a dedicated foster carer and a local Under 15’s rugby league coach.

Ellysha Clark

TCI - Instructor

Ellysha has worked in the out of home care sector in a range of capacities since 2008. With over 10 years experience in the sector, Ellysha is passionate about the impact TCI can have on a young person.

Ellysha is experienced using TCI in a range of programs including residential care, disabilities care, crisis response roles and family restoration work.

In her current role as Training and Development Coordinator, Ellysha is passionate about upskilling staff to therapeutically manage crisis and ensuring they are supported to feel confident and competent to do so.

Throughout her career, Ellysha has obtained qualifications in project management, community services, mental health, training in assessing and is a registered foster carer.

Fiona Waites

TCI - Instructor

Fiona has worked with youth in a variety of out-of-home care and youth homeless shelter settings since the early 2000’s. She has worked in a variety of roles from direct care work (youth worker) through to managing teams of direct care workers. Most of this experience has been within out-of-home care residential and semi-independent living environments.

Since mid-2013, Fiona has focussed her career on Learning and Development – specialising in supporting staff and carers engaging with traumatised young people. Based in Brisbane, she has been providing support across the State of Queensland within the learning and development field. She has a particular interest in brain functioning, trauma and mental health. She is a direct-care TCI & TCIF Trainer, Sanctuary Trainer and Mental Health First Aid Instructor as well as facilitating a number of in-house programs for Churches of Christ Queensland.

Fiona’s initial experience with TCI was in 2004, when she was trained by Howard Bath as a direct care worker in the 3rd Edition of TCI. Since then, Fiona’s understanding of the practical application in day-to-day work of not only the skills and thinking, but also the whole-of-organisation system that TCI is has deepened. Since becoming an Associate Trainer of TCI in 2011, she has also grown in understanding of both TCI and TCIF, and particularly the application of this within foster care in the Queensland context.

Fiona is passionate about supporting those she interacts with to ‘do what they do better’, and enjoys connecting with individuals where they are at, with an aim to encourage them to go further.

Personally, Fiona loves being outdoors – camping, activities and anything that can include her dog, Bella.

Eddie Mendez

TCI - Instructor

Eddie has worked in a variety of roles within the community service sector for more twenty-seven years. His experience includes; seven years working in Juvenile Justice, twelve years supervising High needs residential programs, five years as a Coordinator of Learning and Development, developing several training packages and for the last four years supervising Case workers within a Foster Care team.

Eddie has been involved with the TCI program since 2001 delivering local training to staff for over ten years and guiding the implementation of TCI throughout the whole of agency. Eddie became Professionally Certified in 2013 and shortly after was invited to become a TCI Instructor for Cornell University and has since been involved in the delivery of the TCI Train the Trainer program for new TCI trainers.

Howard Bath


Howard Bath has had a long career working with children and young people in the child protection, youth justice, and disability service systems.  Starting out as a youth worker, he has been a group home house parent, program manager and agency director.  He later provided a range of clinical services for adolescents and their families, specializing in problematic aggressive and sexual behaviours.  Trained as a clinical psychologist at Australian National University, Howard then completed a PhD in Social Welfare at the University of Washington, Seattle.  Howard was the inaugural chair of the Child and Family Welfare Association of Australia, an organisation of child welfare service providers and a founding party of Families Australia.

From 2008 to 2015 Howard was the first Children's Commissioner of Australia's Northern Territory with a mandate to ensure the well-being of vulnerable children, a significant proportion of whom were Aboriginal children living in remote and disadvantaged areas.  In 2010, he co-chaired an inquiry which produced a roadmap for transforming child protection services in the Northern Territory.  Howard currently provides a range of consultancy and training services across Australia and internationally, focusing on the impacts of severe adversity and trauma and the development of effective support and intervention services.  

Paul Baker


Dr. Paul Baker, the developer of The PersonBrain Model, is a developmental neuropsychologist who has worked with troubled children and youth for over twenty years. He currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Dr. Baker is a foster and adoptive father with four children (now young adults) who reside in USA. He is the co-author of three books,The Hopeful Brain: Relational Repair for Disconnected Children and Youth,The Minded Brainand the recently publishedBetter Behavior… Positively!He conducts seminars in USA and Australia and he is the Clinical Supervisor at Allambi Care, NSW.