Howard Bath and John Seita have produced a worthy sequel to "The Other 23 Hours" and in time to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. The authors offer superbly succinct, yet comprehensive summary of relevant literature combined with many personal stories illustrating their material, as well as specific strategies and concrete actions for effective practice.

Published in 2018 by the Faculty of Education Publishing, University of Winnipeg, Canada.

What does it really mean for foster carers, residential workers, kinship carers, teachers and other mentors to be ‘trauma-informed’? This new book from Howard Bath, (Consultant with Tact and Allambi Care) and John Seita (a professor of Social Work who spent much of his childhood in care) summarises the research literature, identifies the central trauma-related needs of young people in care and education settings, and highlights the pillars of resilience and healing.

Described by Prof. James Anglin as ‘a worthy sequel’ to (the classic text) The Other 23 Hours, the Three Pillars of Transforming Care is packed with research findings, useful everyday intervention strategies, and vignettes from the ‘coal face’ of practice. Illustrated throughout with the voices of children and young people, this compact volume provides insight, wisdom, and above all, encouragement and hope for those who interact with young people where they live, learn or play.

It stresses the central role of supportive and informed interactions in the ‘Other 23 Hours’ rather than a reliance on formal therapies and treatment.

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Three Pillars of Transforming Care: Essentials for working with traumatised children and young people in the Other 23 Hours course.

This training course was developed by Dr Howard Bath and Dr Diana Boswell to provide a practice framework for trauma informed care. It has been widely implemented by out-of-home care providers in Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory since 2008. The program was recently adopted by the international organisation Save The Children as their core training for Swedish programs working with refugee unaccompanied minors. The practice framework has been adopted by Norwegian government agencies supporting children and families. The Three Pillars course has been delivered in programs across the USA and in New Zealand. The train-the-trainer program was provided for a consortium of out-of-home care providers in Alberta, Canada in 2018. In 2019 the course was introduced to child and family support services in Ireland.
Howard has been invited to present key note addresses on the 3 Pillars Framework across Scandinavia, Europe, UK, USA and Australia and NZ.

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