TCI Train the Trainer: TCI-7


Australia Wide

5 Days

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This intensive five-day TCI train-the-trainer certification course provides organizations with the opportunity to develop an in-house training capacity in the TCI curriculum.

Participants will develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the TCI curriculum necessary to deliver the training to staff in their organizations. Participants will have the chance to participate, practice, and receive feedback in conducting activities to gain immediate training experience.

Training techniques such as role playing, leading small group discussions, using guided fantasies, conducting practice sessions, and using audiovisual aids will be demonstrated. Participants will receive all the necessary materials to conduct the TCI training program in their agency.

Program Objectives Participants will be able to:

  • Proactively prevent and/or de-escalate a potential crisis situation with a child.
  • Manage a crisis situation in a therapeutic manner, and, if necessary, intervene physically in a manner that reduces the risk of harm to children and staff.
  • Process the crisis event with children to help improve their capacity to regulate their emotions and use positive coping strategies.
  • Effectively deliver TCI training in their agencies.

Intended Audience: This course is for trainers, managers, counsellors, and care workers capable of training therapeutic crisis intervention techniques. If participating in the physical intervention part of the program, participants must be capable of moderate physical activity.


Prerequisites: Participants are also expected to have previously completed initial TCI Training within their organisation. 

Pre-Reading Material: TCI reference Guide will be provided prior to course. The expectation is for this to be read and understood in full prior to attendance. 

Materials: Participants who successfully complete the course receive a TCI trainer’s reference and activity guide, a flash drive (containing videos and the TCI PowerPoint presentation), and a student workbook.