TCI Update: Trainer Support Connecting Concepts (TSCC)


Australia Wide

2 Days

Brisbane QLD Newcastle NSW Perth WA


The update, Trainer Support—Connecting Concepts and Enhancing Skills, is designed to help certified TCI trainers identify the connections between concepts in the 7th edition of TCI and enhance their ability to demonstrate skills during the training.

Participants in the update will have an opportunity to discuss and experience more of the newer aspects of this latest edition of TCI that were not explored in depth during the virtual update. 

 Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the connections between key concepts such as the Theory of Change, the effects of trauma, developmental relationships, milieu spaces, intentional use of self, and skills used in crisis de-escalation and recovery such as active listening, emotional first aid, and the LSI.
  • Demonstrate non-verbal and the eliciting and encouraging techniques of active listening to encourage a child to talk
  • Describe and demonstrate empathic responses
  • Demonstrate presenting behaviour support techniques and showing an example of what the technique would look like
  • Describe how the adult becomes a source of support and strength for a child when giving emotional first aid
  • Demonstrate being a calm presence – co-regulation strategies
  • Demonstrate the “Explore” step of the LSI
  • Demonstrate the LSI

 TCI Recertification

The Residential Child Care Project has a recertification process for TCI trainers.

Please note that all participants must pass the certification requirements during the TCI Trainer Update in order to continue to train TCI. Attendance alone does not qualify a participant to be recertified as a TCI trainer.


Prerequisites: Participants are also expected to have previously completed initial TCI Train the Trainer before attending this update.

Materials: Participants are required to bring their TCI Activity Guide and Reference Guide for review and use during the activities