TCI Train the Trainer: for FAMILIES (TCIF)


Australia Wide

5 Days

Brisbane QLD Newcastle NSW


This intensive five-day TCIF train-the-trainer certification course provides agency trainers with the tools to teach crisis prevention strategies and crisis intervention techniques to adults who care for children in their homes. Trainers are prepared to coach learners during skill practice sessions, to use role playing, to facilitate small group discussions, and to handle resistance to training.

There are opportunities to practice activities and to gain immediate training experience in the subject matter.

TCIF stresses crisis prevention and crisis de-escalation in ways that help children learn to avoid losing control. Participants will receive all the necessary materials to deliver the training.

Program Objectives Participants will be able to:

  • Present strategies for dealing with upset children to prevent and de-escalate potential crises
  • Teach methods to help adults avoid power struggles and enlist a child’s cooperation
  • Show how a crisis can be an opportunity for the child to learn new coping skills and,
  • Effectively deliver TCIF training in their agencies

Intended Audience: This course is for trainers, principals, school counsellors/ psychologists, teachers, teacher assistants, and other school personnel capable of training crisis intervention techniques.


Prerequisites: Participants are also expected to have previously completed initial TCI for Families Training within their organisation. 

Pre-Reading Material: TCIF reference Guide will be provided prior to course. The expectation is for this to be read and understood in full prior to attendance. 

Materials: Participants who successfully complete the course receive a TCIF trainer’s reference and activity guide, a flash drive (containing videos and the TCIF PowerPoint presentation), and a student workbook.