Ben Jones
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Ben Jones

Learning and Development Department Manager and TCI Instructor

Ben is an integral part of the team at TACT. Ben is a Training and Development Coordinator with a passion and commitment for supporting youth, families, staff and carers.

Ben has vast experience supporting a diverse range of needs. Ben has worked in a variety of roles in the out-of-home-care sector including, direct residential care work, disability work, case work and case management.

Further to his work in out-of-home-care, Ben was involved in the development and implementation of the early intervention program Youth Hope. The Youth Hope program works with families and at risk youths in the community by ensuring sustainable wraparound supports, allowing children and young people to remain safely in the family home and prevent entering the out-of-home care system.

In 2015, Ben focused on his passion for supporting staff taking up a training and development role. Ben facilitates a number of trainings including Foster Care training, the Diploma in Community Services, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Ben’s primary focus is supporting staff and carers with behaviour support and self-awareness.

Ben’s TCI Journey commenced in 2011 during his role as a direct care worker. Shortly after this, Ben became a qualified TCI trainer. Ben is a dynamic trainer who uses his experience across a number of roles to deliver a relatable TCI training experience.

Ben has qualifications in training and assessment, community services, business administration and project management. Outside of these roles, Ben is a dedicated foster carer and a local Under 15’s rugby league coach.

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