Courtney Patterson
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Courtney Patterson

TCI Instructor

Courtney’s journey in supporting children, families, and professionals in the out of home care sector began in 2009, in the role of a residential youth worker. Many of Courtney’s learnings and growth as a professional, is grounded in these early career moments. Understanding the impact of trauma, child development and experiencing the significance of the developmental relationship with children, inspired Courtney to go back to further her education and achieve an Honours in Social Work, a Diploma in Fine Arts and current study in a Masters of Mental Health (Art Therapy).

Courtney progressed into a leadership position managing residentials within Brisbane, before expanding her skills as a clinician, family support counsellor and Senior Practitioner. Within these roles, Courtney provided training and therapeutic support to regions, teams, carers and children across QLD in child protection and disability services. Courtney was fortunate to later move into a key role in supporting the implementation of TCI and CARE nationally within her organisation.

Alongside joining the TACT team as a TCI Instructor, Courtney works as a Practice Consultant at Stride (Life Without Barriers), supporting agencies adopting the CARE model within Australia. Courtney also continues to work as a Consultant Therapist, where she provides external supervision to professionals and works as a Child and Family Therapist.

Courtney has a strong passion for supporting neurodivergent children and their families as they navigate their developing identity and individual strengths they bring to the world.