Fiona Waites
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Fiona Waites

Lead TCI Instructor

Fiona has worked with youth in a variety of out-of-home care and youth homeless shelter settings since the early 2000’s. She has worked in a variety of roles from direct care work (youth worker) through to managing teams of direct care workers. Most of this experience has been within out-of-home care residential and semi-independent living environments.

Since mid-2013, Fiona has focussed her career on Learning and Development – specialising in supporting staff and carers engaging with traumatised young people. Based in Brisbane, she provided support across the State of Queensland within the learning and development field. During this time, she trained a variety of courses including TCI & TCIF to staff & carers, and a number of in-house programs. Fiona is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor- of both the Youth and Standard programs.

Fiona’s initial experience with TCI was in 2004, when she was trained by Howard Bath as a direct care worker in the 3rd Edition of TCI. Since then, Fiona’s understanding of the practical application in day-to-day work of not only the skills and thinking, but also the whole-of-organisation system that TCI is has deepened. Since becoming an Associate Trainer of TCI in 2009, she has also grown in understanding of both TCI and TCIF, and particularly the application of this within foster care in the Queensland context.

Fiona is passionate about supporting those she interacts with to ‘do what they do better’, and enjoys connecting with individuals where they are at, with an aim to encourage them to go further.

Personally, Fiona loves being outdoors – camping, activities and anything that can include her dog, Bella.

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