Mark Robinson
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Mark Robinson

TCI Professional Trainer

Mark has a wealth of experience gained from over 16 years of working in the out-of-home-care sector.

Mark’s journey began on the front line working as a support worker in residential working with children and young people with high needs and those with a disability. Mark gained invaluable experience in working with children and young people with a range of complex needs. Over a 5 four-year period, Mark worked collaboratively with families, external services, and other human service professionals in a number of leadership roles.

Marks diverse range of experience includes leadership roles in both foster care and human resources overseeing accreditations, and the implementation of a number of work systems designed to provide the best standards of care for children and young people in care.

Mark’s TCI journey began in 2008 when he became a TCI trainer, becoming a professional trainer in 2019.

During the 16 years of service Mark has benefited from extensive training and learning pathways gaining qualifications in a number of relevant fields, including Human Services, Trainer Assessor, Business Management and Work, Health and safety.

In 2018 Mark worked focused on the learning and development aspect of human services. Mark facilitates a number of qualifications and certified courses including Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Diploma in Community Services, foster care training, leadership training, time management and tailored training for individual clients.

Outside of work Mark runs a home for rescue Labradors, plays guitar and spends his spare time in Indonesia where he continues his work supporting out of home care organisations in Bali.