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Communities of Practice are groups of peers who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

Research suggests that learning is the main reason Communities of Practice (CoP) are established. Social learning and thinking together are key concepts in a CoP. The collaborative learning process of ‘thinking together’ is one of the most meaningful elements of a CoP and what makes it work. Thinking together is conceptualised as people sharing knowledge through mutually guiding each other through their understandings of the same problems in their area of shared interest.

TCI Trainers Community of Practice

This group is for the purpose of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Trainers of all current certifications - standard, schools and families - to learn further about the System, Concepts and Skills of TCI through a collaborative learning process. This group is available to current TCI Trainers with any level of certification, across all editions of the course.

Want to bring TCI to your organisation?

Further information, including options for training at your location is available HERE.

TCI training with Tact