Creating a context for healing in the other 23 hours.
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Three Pillars of Transforming Care is a comprehensive two-day course designed to assist out-of-home care and special education providers understand and address the core trauma-related needs of their children and young people.

The program is designed by Dr Howard Bath and Dr Diana Boswell, both with extensive backgrounds as practitioners and researchers in out of home care to provide essential insights and tools for those working in environments where complex care needs are paramount.

The Three Pillars program is used widely around the world, particularly in Europe, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, in addition to Australia. It is widely cited and there is a growing body of research evidence that attests to its effectiveness.

The program applies a holistic approach to understanding and addressing the core trauma-related needs of children and young people. By focusing on the three core needs and the related pillars of intervention, the course seeks to enable workers, parents and other mentors to create supportive environments that nurture emotional, psychological, social and educational well-being.

The Three Pillars of Transforming Care Framework

The Three Pillars of Transforming Care course has been developed for Agencies that wish to ensure that their staff and carers are informed about and sensitive to, the impacts of early adversity and trauma on children and young people.

It focuses on the three, core trauma-related needs of children and young people in special care and education settings and the priorities for intervention and support.

Developed by Drs Howard Bath and Diana Boswell, both with extensive backgrounds as practitioners and researchers in out of home care, the course is now provided in Australia, Europe, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the USA. In Sweden, for example, over 20,000 residential workers in hostels for unaccompanied minor refugees and other care services, have been trained in the framework, largely through the Save the Children organisation.

Designed primarily for direct carers (residential and foster care workers and other mentors) and education specialists, the Three Pillars course is based on research evidence, current clinical perspectives and years of direct experience with children and young people with complex needs and challenging behaviours.

The Three Pillars is not a ‘whole-of-agency’ change model so it does not venture into issues such as the types of meetings in a program, the specific training requirements, staffing or the nature of documentation, nor does it require a long-term financial relationship with the developers. It is designed to enrich existing service provision and to integrate with other models of care, for example, the CARE model out of Cornell University or ‘Sanctuary’.

Meeting Your Needs: Tailored Pathways

The Three Pillars of Transforming Care program is customizable to suit your service requirements. The following are the four key options crafted to address the specific needs of your organisation.

TACT aims to meet the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your needs including additional dates and options not listed.
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