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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), a trauma informed crisis prevention and management system first developed in the Early 1980's for New York State's voluntary childcare agencies, incorporates findings from social science literature and is implemented through research informed strategies such as organisational assessments, active and targeted data analysis, training and technical assistance.

This model gives organisations a framework for implementing a crisis prevention and management system that reduces the need to rely on high-risk interventions. It helps organisations who support children to manage a crisis situation in a therapeutic manner, and, if necessary, intervene physically in a manner that reduces the risk of harm to children and staff.

Why is TCI a "Systems Approach"?

Preventing and managing crises effectively requires everyone’s involvement. With a shared understanding for providing care, individuals across the organisation can work together in the best interests of the children. The TCI implementation includes all parts of the organisational system.

Where is TCI used?

TCI trainers are located throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea. The RCCP has offered TCI since the 1980's.

Why are there three TCI programs—TCI, TCIS, and TCIF?

All TCI training programs share the same concepts. The difference is that they have been tailored to use in specific settings - Residential, Schools and Family/Foster/Kin home.

Who created TCI?

The Residential Child Care Project, part of Cornell University in New York State develop, oversee, and review all versions of TCI and the workshops associated. They have consultants and partner organisations located in countries using TCI who provide support in their local area.


Implementation of the TCI System is covered by six domains:


Leadership and program support


Child and family inclusion


Clinical Participation


Supervision and post-crisis response


Training and competency standards


Documentation, incident monitoring and feedback

The variations of TCI

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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer Updates

Certified TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainers are required to attend TCI Updates to maintain certification.

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Want to bring TCI to your organisation?

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