TCI Update: Post-Crisis Response


This Update is designed to support trainer development through focusing on the connections between a variety of concepts in TCI and the skills required for trainers to enhance their ability to train TCI. Exploring these connections will help trainers enhance their ability to demonstrate skills during the training.

 TCI trainers must have a deeper understanding of how the essential concepts, principles, and skills in TCI are interwoven in order to assist staff in their understanding and ability to assist a child. The essential concepts and principles in TCI influence the application of strategies when supporting children before, during, and after a crisis The update, Trainer Support—Connecting Concepts and Enhancing Skills, is designed to help agency certified TCI trainers identify the connections between concepts in the 7th edition of TCI and enhance their ability to demonstrate skills during the training. Participants in the update will have an opportunity to discuss and experience more of the newer aspects of this latest edition of TCI that were not explored in depth during the virtual update.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the connections between key concepts such as the Theory of Change, the effects of trauma, developmental relationships, milieu spaces, intentional use of self, and skills used in crisis de-escalation and recovery such as active listening, emotional first aid, and the LSI.
  • Demonstrate non-verbal and the eliciting and encouraging techniques of active listening to encourage a child to talk
  • Describe and demonstrate empathic responses
  • Demonstrate presenting behavior support techniques and showing an example of what the technique would look like 


Kindly note that attendance for this update session is restricted to individuals who have successfully completed the TCI Train the Trainer program (TCI7, TCIF4, or TCIS2). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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